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  1. Tung Oiled table = Caramel Covered Nightmare!!

    Wood Finishing
    A client sent me a table that she needs refinished. The table was site unseen as I was out of town when it was delivered. She had mentioned the table had been coated in "many layers of Tung Oil" which had remained sticky and tacky over the years. Little did I know...that was the understatement...
  2. Striping, sanding, and staining old tabletop

    Wood Finishing
    So about 2 years ago, I striped a mid-century(ish) table that was painted solid red with oil paint (I think). I used some kind of gel chemical stripper. Underneath, was a beautiful wood pattern — something that I haven't seen too often. I sanded it down some with a block and sandpaper, but I...
  3. Stripping old door that was already stripped. Paint deeply ingrained. What do I do?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I am stripping an old door that was once painted and then stripped and stained. When we got it it was stained and the more open grain had paint deep inside that was never removed. I am trying to get the door stripped down so that I can gel stain it and install. I am worried that the open grain...
  4. removing polyurethane from wood

    Wood Finishing
    I have a wood box that a family member helped build, and he sprayed it with a can of spray polyurethane, which he sprayed on many times, creating a shiny coat. Well, I'm redoing it now, because my wife doesn't like the coating. I started by sanding off the bulk of it. But now, in the small...
  5. Don't through out the plastic bags

    Wood Finishing
    Those thin plastic bags you get at the store are great for stripping paint! I cut them in half, paint on the stripper and cover the Stripper with the pieces of bag. I just let it soak a couple and peel off one piece at a time leaving the rest. It gives me more time to work an area before the...
  6. Reclaimed painted redwood

    Wood Finishing
    Hi Everyone, I salvaged a load of 2"x12" redwood in lengths of 5'-8' out of a renovation project in town. The wood had been outdoors around a spa/pool area at an apartment, and ended up with a lot of dry rot. But there's still plenty of good usable wood in there, and I've got a project in...
  7. finish is coming off of newer amish cabinets

    Wood Finishing
    When I built my house, I had the amish build me birch cabinets with a clear natural finish. After only 3 years I started to notice around some joints and end grains the finish was turning white and coming off. last year I sent a few of the doors back to them to fix, and I think they just put a...
  8. Refinishing ScanDesign Table

    Wood Finishing
    Recently bought a house. Previous owner left one of the early 80's ScanDesign dining tables behind. It's in perfect shape except for the top. The only damage to the top is from the finish degrading in direct sunlight. The leaves look brand new and would like to match them without...
  9. How do you remove a water-based polycrylic?

    Wood Finishing
    I am trying to refinish an oak kitchen table that has a water-based polycrylic finish on it. I am having difficulty finding anything that will strip this stuff off without damaging the table. Any suggestions? If I ever get this polycrylic off, I plan to apply "Waterlox" which is a tung oil. My...