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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi Woodworkers forum, I'm about to start on my next big woodworking project: a custom Kitchen Pantry. I've already finished a custom kitchen island over a year ago, and it turned out fantastic, however that one had a little more solid wood bracing the 3/4 plywood sides. So below are my...
  2. Design & Plans
    Hello, I have not a lot of experience with woodworking, so I would like to verify my plans with the experts. This is a wall-mounted beer glass holder I intend to make. The slits are large enough to hold 3 of my largest beer glasses by their foot. The 2 bars at the right side are for the beer...
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    I am in the theoretical design stage of building a new gaming table. My current table was thrown together with a quickness on a shoestring budget, and I'd like something I could really put some pride into. So this time around, I'm looking to use a better design and massively upgraded wood. It is...
  4. General Woodworking Discussion
    If I were to screw and unscrew a wood screw more than once, would it lose strength over time? I'm asking because I have a walnut slab dining table that I plan to assemble, and disassemble on a weekly basis. The steel legs are each attached with (4) multi-purpose 2" wood screws. Thanks! - Danny
  5. Joinery
    I'm thinking about making a low-cost "safe" from rebar-impregnated hardwood. The main goal is to be a deterrent: too large and heavy to move and too difficult to break into in a short span of time. I'm not concerned with fireproofing (heck, I chose wood!), but I do want it to be as strong as...
  6. General Woodworking Discussion
    My friends and i have been pondering the idea of building an 8 foot tall trebuchet. we have thought of many ideas for material, but we eventually decided on wood. we have also been discussing the type of wood to use. we need the wood to last a long time, and we need it to be able to withstand a...
1-6 of 6 Results