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  1. Design & Plans
    Hi all - I'm sure this will stir up everyone, but maybe fun for a Monday :) I have a spot in my basement shop, where I'm building a miter station. In a perfect world, I'd have a 20 foot wall that I can fill up, but it's not reality for me. Question - For the majority of your needs, is 5ft left...
  2. Design & Plans
    I'm sure this topic has been done a million times but I've finally out grown my throw together miter saw stand that just sits on sawhorse. I know there are a million ideas out there but I would like to see pictures of yours or your favorite "portable" (preferably on wheels) miter saw stand (or...
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    Marble-machine Space station 2.0 / Knikkerbaan Ruimte station 2.0 My first marble-machine with a lift! ''More info''
1-3 of 3 Results