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  1. Woodturning
    I know, I know....the topic's been done, over and over... sorry. I have done some reading on here and other forums, and the main lesson I learned is stay away from the many used Craftsmen Lathes out there. I'm basically a total newbie. I got to turn the inside of a green cherry bowl a...
  2. General Woodworking Discussion
    A Woodworkers Story Today at the age of 32, I am a well-established furniture maker, small business owner, and woodworking instructor. At the age of 7 my Father John Skapars introduced me to the fine art of woodworking. I can remember helping him install our homes living room floor in the...
  3. Tool Reviews
    Im very new to woodworking. I was hoping yall could help me with starting out. If anyone could answer any of the following questions I would greatly appreciate it. I want to craft all kinds of things, small rafts, boxes, chairs, tobacco pipes (ive made a couple) primitive weapons, tree houses...
1-3 of 6 Results