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  1. Rockwell Delta Drill Press spindle / chuck / quill question

    Power Tools & Machinery
    I'm restoring a floor model Rockwell drill press model 1124 which i am pretty sure its almost identical to the 15-081. This was a barnyard machine. Covered in grime and rust, and not taken care of well, at all. The table was broken and bolted to a janky weld up job, among other half-a**...
  2. Sears Craftsman Lathe Problem

    Hey folks! Got a question: I’ve got an old Sears Craftsman Model 113.228162 lathe, and the other day I was turning a spindle on it. I turned off the lathe and noticed that the piece stopped rather suddenly rather than carrying on spinning while slowing down like normal. When I turned it on...
  3. Tail stock spindle wont tighten

    I purchased a central machinery mini lathe for small projects for my wife to use. We are currently having issues with the tail stock spindle not tightening up at all and the hand crank just turning forever, even with a piece in place. This video goes over the details and hopefully is a good...
  4. CNC Spindle power and rpm HELP!

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Hello! I am making my own cnc machine. The working area is 1m x 1m. I will mill wood and probably aluminium. I will cut some thin wood and want to mill in the wood some precisious work also. I am about to buy 2.2kW water cooled chinese spindle driven by VFD. Can you reccommend me what is the...
  5. where to find the arrow back spindle of windsor dinning chair

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi: I am a DIYer without much expertise in woodwork. Yet I have the urge to fix or replace a broken spindle of our dinning chair set of six. (I did dissemble and re-glue the loosen legs of one of them before.) I believe it is called "arrow back" Windsor dinning chair, which has those...
  6. Can I use a Wood turning chuck (SK80, Axminster) WITHOUT the Jaws?

    Hi, Just bought a Jet mini wood lathe with Axminster SK80 Chuck and type C dovetail jaws package. I was wondering if it was possible/advisable to use the chuck WITHOUT the jaws. It seems like this might be convenient for certain situations (for very small tenons- turning bone for example; where...
  7. Drill Press Problems

    Power Tools & Machinery
    SO, I'm new to tools and whatnot but I swear I can't be this dumb. I bought a 10 inch craftsman drill press that was on clearance for $30 bucks from $150. I began constructing it a few hours ago and was pretty much done 20 minutes in but the chuck will not go on the spindle no matter what I...
  8. Jet JWS-22cs bearing noise

    Power Tools & Machinery
    While raising some panels today on my jet shaper (JWS-22CS) I started hearing what sounds to me like bearing noise. I removed the belt and spun the spindle be sure the noise wasn't coming from the motor. It is definitely coming from the spindle assembly. Does anyone know how to remove this...