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  1. How to make this modular sofa

    Design & Plans
    Hi Could someone please explain how this modular sectional sofa was made? It looks pretty easy to make the frame but not sure. My thoughts are: Seat is a plywood box with webbing on the top of the box with alot of foam padding Backrest and armrest is a narrower and higher box with alot of...
  2. Hall Table with Hard Maple accent

    Project Showcase
    Well I finished the Hall Table for my wife. Not sure about the top - she may yet change it to quartz. The primary wood is clear pine stained with Minwax Jacobean and 2 coats of Varathane semigloss. The accent on the top is unstained hard maple.
  3. Converting a sleeper sofa to storage

    Design & Plans
    I have a large sleeper sofa (~3'x7') that I am about to reupholster. I believe the sleeper is a queen size. The seat cushion that sits atop the folded sleeper is one large cushion. The couch is extremely comfortable but the sleeper is not. I would really like to convert this to a storage...
  4. Couch/Sofa Plans

    Design & Plans
    Does anyone know where I can get some camel back sofa plans? Or at least some pictures of a frame. I am trying to avoid finding an old one and using it as a reference.