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  1. Power Tools & Machinery
    Hi, Recently picked up a Skill worm drive table saw and have been evaluating it. It takes thin-kerf blades and I'm seeing flex on the blades on a rip cut as the piece exits the saw blade path. This results in snipe on the bottom side of about 1/16"+ tapering to 0 about 3/4" from the end of...
  2. Power Tools & Machinery
    I recently bought a used table saw from a friend of mine. It had only been used a handful of times, so at $100 I figured I was getting a decent deal. It's a Skilsaw 3400 (F012 3400 00). The problem: Generally, it scares the piss out of me. I'm no stranger to table saws or woodworking machinery...
1-2 of 2 Results