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  1. Simple Desk

    Project Showcase
    This is a modified version of the desk from the Ana White website. Keeping with my upcycled theme, this project was built from the top of an old desk. If you prefer, the top can be made from 2x12s. I’ve also included a quick video of the build along with a PDF version of the plans. Build...
  2. Puzzle Box (UNABOX)

    Project Showcase
    Simple Puzzle Box Build Instructions http://www.instructables.com/id/Puzzle-Box-Unabox/ Video: http://youtu.be/VTaoUHsGau8
  3. How To Move a 1035 lb Jointer Off a Pallet By Yourself Without a Crane

    Off Topic
    Meet my new jointer: I needed to get this puppy off that pallet, but I didn't have a crane and didn't want to rent or buy one. I considered building a gantry crane, but decided simple machines like wheels, levers, and pivots would be enough. Ok, I cheated, I used a hydraulic jack at one...