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  1. So... "Spalted Sweetgum Siding Shingles"

    Forestry & Milling
    Ok, so Sweetgum is a pain in the ass to dry flat and it doesn't last like cedar, but its really cool looking and I have a bunch of spalted Sweetgum logs in the woods from the previous landowner that need to be milled before they rot. I have read several posts about people using sweetgum (air...
  2. Cedar Shingle/Shake Siding ....

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Wife wants "fishscale/half-round/scalloped" shakes installed on the gables. 1) What's the difference between a cedar Shake and a Shingle? 2) Is it practical to get hold of pre-primed wood shingles and round them myself?
  3. Sealing plywood joins/gaps in a plywood sided shed

    Design & Plans
    How do I seal/fill the space/gap created where the plywood sheets I have used to side my shed meet? I have built a 16’x8’x8’ shed sided with ½” plywood siding. Initially, I intended siding it with cedar planks. Consequently, I did not put any weather strips between the plywood sheets where...