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  1. Project Showcase
    I'm calling this a TV stand but it could also be used as a console or side table. It would easily fit behind a couch or be placed in a bedroom for storage. Being "rustic", it was built with simple construction methods from low cost lumber. The total material cost (excluding baskets) was around...
  2. Project Showcase
    This project was made with two 2x4s and two solid wood round discs. Although it’s hard to see in the photos, the pillar has a unique shape due to the v-notched 2x4s. This design is very sturdy and should hold about anything you would like to place on it. Build Instructions...
  3. Project Showcase
    This End Table matches the shelf from a few weeks ago – see last step of video. As with the shelf, the design is simple, easy to make and is relatively low cost (under $25). As with the shelf, the design is very beefy and should hold up to any abuse you would like to throw at it. Video of...
1-3 of 3 Results