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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Last year my husband and I had two mature ash trees cut down and milled into 1-inch thick boards. We have almost no woodworking knowledge but were having a hard time saying goodbye to our trees and thought it was a brilliant idea, at the time, to mill them and build furniture out of them. This...
  2. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, I inherited two gorgeous wood slabs, and want to sell because they've been in storage for months and I can't think of a use for them (would be perfect as benches or coffee tables, but don't have the space). I am wondering 1) if anyone could help identify the wood species and 2) what the...
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    I thought it would be interesting to hear from woodworkers who do different styles and utilize differing levels of "craftmanship." For an example of what I mean, I do more formal "higher end" projects, but I also do what I call "craft show" level projects, and pretty much anything in between...
  4. General Woodworking Discussion
    I wanted to start this topic again. I had it before but can't find the old one. I started my Etsy shop in Feb of 2012 and went full time in May of 2013. I have had good success on Etsy and I see lots of misinformation on it. I would like to open a discussion on it with anyone that has any...
  5. Woodturning
    how much could you sell a slimline pen for? i know it depends if its acrylic or wood, if the wood is figured with spalting or burl and if the pen is shaped well but overall how much could you sell a non figured wooden slimline for? (a simple 20 minute job)
1-5 of 5 Results