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  1. sealing poplar floors

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I have a home built in 1868 and we have uncovered old poplar floors. A part of the home was a newer edition and we are have kiln dried poplar installed on the newer floors. I am aging it with apple cider vinegar w/ 0000 steel wool. It is darkening it nicely. What should I seal the old and...
  2. Sealing plywood w/BLO to prevent warping

    Wood Finishing
    I have some 3/8" thick engineered click-lock maple flooring I would like to put onto two 4'x8' sheets of 3/4" plywood to make a chair mat in my basement. It would be going over berber carpet with a concrete subfloor. I'm concerned that moisture coming up from the concrete could cause the...
  3. Help with plywood hole

    Design & Plans
    Hi there, I could use some advice on a project. I'm going to cut a hole in 1/2" plywood, and have a rubber stopper in there (it's supposed to be a "drain hole" for a Lego bin). Since I'll be taking the stopper in and out a whole lot, I worry that it will eventually tear the edges of the...
  4. Sealing plywood joins/gaps in a plywood sided shed

    Design & Plans
    How do I seal/fill the space/gap created where the plywood sheets I have used to side my shed meet? I have built a 16’x8’x8’ shed sided with ½” plywood siding. Initially, I intended siding it with cedar planks. Consequently, I did not put any weather strips between the plywood sheets where...
  5. Ceder "Outside" Bar Top Finish

    Wood Finishing
    I have been building a new top for my outside Bar and need some information on sealing the cracks. It was put together quickly and due to the friends I have :cursing: there are some space between the boards. My questions are.. 1 Can I stain cedar and then fill the gaps with a clear silicone to...
  6. wet apple drying question

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello... Again I am working on a didgeridoo and have decided to give it a try and to work with wet wood (apple) .. Its a pretty thick log , with 8 inch diameter and about 5 foot long. It would take too long for me to dry it and thats why i want to shape it in wet conditions and then let it sit...