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  1. What type of sealer to use

    Wood Finishing
    I'm making a dining room table out of doug fir and I'm trying to figure out the best way to protect the wood, if anything. I stained the whole thing first and then painted over it. Normally the paint would be all I would need, however I was going for that distressed, old worn look so I used my...
  2. Finishing wood AND tile in a tabletop?

    Wood Finishing
    Hi all! I am new to the forum, and fairly new (and self-taught/trial by error) to DIY building and crafty things. So here's my dilemma: I am building a coffee table for my patio and want it to be fairly waterproof in case of rain, sprinklers, cold drinks on a hot day, etc. The table top...
  3. Keeping a wooden tub surround safe from water

    Wood Finishing
    Howdy - first post, so be gentle; We're remodeling, and in the master bath have a circular soaking tub (40" diameter, about 40" deep) that we're undermounting in a raised platform. The top of the platform is rectangular, and I want to do a wooden surface for it, versus more standard countertop...
  4. Odor Helmsman Spar Varnish

    Wood Finishing
    Ok here is my dilemma, I built a beautiful Coffee container out of Kentucky coffee wood to store coffee beans for my wife who is known as the local "coffee officianatto". (ok enough about "coffee" already) My problem is I wanted to seal the inside good to hold the coffee flavor in so I used...
  5. Sealing an Asian Antique to be Used as Bathroom Vanity

    Wood Finishing
    I'm a decorator. I want to use an asian cabinet that is already painted/finished as a bathroom vanity. The vessel lavatory will sit on top of cabinet and the plumbing is mounted on the wall. Do I need to seal the cabinet to protect from water? The bathroom will not be used often. If I do...
  6. wb sanding sealer over poly?

    Wood Finishing
    I am going to freshen up my kitchen cabinets. I don't know what kind of finish they have on them but I think it is a polyurethane but not sure if water based or solvent based. My plan is to sand them with 320 grit. The sanding is not taking the enitre old top coat off because of hard to get...