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  1. Solid Plank Teak Table has a sag!

    Wood Finishing
    Its been a few days since I picked up this beautiful bargain 2.4 m solid teak display table to use for my kitchen island/ diner. The plan for it was for the top to be refinished and we would be set to reuse it. I have noticed now that it has a slight sag in the centre. The sag difference is...
  2. mid-way thru vanity project - sagging top!

    Design & Plans
    It's my first time building a vanity and I'm using some modified plans from an issue of Woodsmith Magazine. I built the box last summer, and I'm just now getting ready to build a face frame + drawers/doors when I noticed a fairly substantial sag in the top piece of plywood spanning the vanity...
  3. preventing sag in a 60"w x 24"d X 34"h x 3/4 birch ply dresser

    General Woodworking Discussion
    what are some tips you can give me to prevent sag in this dresser i simply want to build a rectangular box with 2 full 60" shelves (or 57.5" for the interior). I want it to last. it'll be holding clothes so no extreme weight but please give me any advice. i was thinking about putting the bottom...