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  1. Tool Reviews
    I am a beginner woodworker and want to purchase a router to build cabinets and furniture. I am considering the Dewalt 611 or the Bosch 1617. I know I want both the fixed and plunge adapters but also need to know which works best in a table? Life would be great if these had above table...
  2. Power Tools & Machinery
    I have a custom cove router bit with a 1.250 "cove diameter. What would be a safe router speed for this large a bit? I will be using a hand held router with this bit. The lowest variable speed router goes down to 8000 rpm, is this slow enough? Thank you!
  3. Power Tools & Machinery
    I'm just kind of starting out and getting into woodworking, I haven't built anything but cutting boards yet, but I am going to start some more difficult projects soon. My questions is about routers. I don't have one. I was thinking about getting 2, one fixed base for a router table and one...
  4. Design & Plans
    Good Day All I am rather new to woodworking with a router. Has any body got a simple plan for a router table with router lift. I have a basic Ryobi plunge router. Many Thanks Patrick
  5. Classifieds
    SOLD - Freud 5-piece Router Bit Set (NIB) The set is sold
  6. Power Tools & Machinery
    Hello: I recently got a table saw with a router table built into one of the cast iron wings. It uses the rip fence of the saw as a fence, but I want to construct a fancier, more functional fence for the router to mount to the saw's rip fence. I am thinking about dust collection, and I plan on...
  7. General Woodworking Discussion
    I am missing the boat somewhere along the line when trying to make this process work. I have an old template guide left to me from my dad, and bought everything I needed for the router (big Freund plunge router)...but can;t seem to get the template guide to stay tight while I cut with the bit...
1-7 of 7 Results