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  1. Wood Finishing
    I could really use some help. We bought an old home, the newest room is 40 years old and has rough cut knotty pine paneling. It's been stained once, but we removed old shelving and now we have large areas without stain and it looks awful. Any suggestions how I go about cleaning the wood (it's...
  2. Wood Finishing
    Ive been playing with wood relief carving and decided i liked the roughed out elements in combination with sanded elements in my wood carving however do not like how they look when applying feed-in-wax as they make them look dirty, i'd assume a similar thing would happen with oils. anyone ever...
  3. Wood Finishing
    I have a few pieces of rough cut (im assuming) walnut from a local lumber yard. It was stacked with their unusable wood they labelled "barn wood" because of it's character. I really love the appearance of these pieces but am having a hard time deciding how to finish them to prevent them from...
1-3 of 3 Results