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  1. Design & Plans
    I'm building a swing set for my kids and want to include a roof. It doesn't have walls, so it's only supported by 4 posts (one on each corner). I'd like to keep the roof as open as possible and avoid over-engineering it. I attached my sketchup design (.PDF and .SKP) with the roof lifted off so...
  2. Design & Plans
    This is a picture of our back patio. I would like to install a patio roof, but the configuration of the current roof lines is giving me some trouble. As you can see, the roof above the backdoor runs down the side-wall of the main house. How would you orient the roof over the patio, to prevent...
  3. Woodworking Videos
    Just launched my latest project video. I show how to insulate a cabin roof from the top, leaving the rafters and roof boards visible from inside. :thumbsup:
1-3 of 3 Results