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  1. Is my beer glass holder strong enough?

    Design & Plans
    Hello, I have not a lot of experience with woodworking, so I would like to verify my plans with the experts. This is a wall-mounted beer glass holder I intend to make. The slits are large enough to hold 3 of my largest beer glasses by their foot. The 2 bars at the right side are for the beer...
  2. Home gym idea (power rack)

    Design & Plans
    Hey guys, I don't do much carpentry (read: none at all) and I'm trying to get a personal gym going in my garage. One of the pieces I'm having a hard time getting is the power rack because nobody ships to where I live for a reasonable price and the stores don't have one I want/am willing to pay...
  3. quick release vise - will it rack?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I'm considering mounting an Eclipse 7 inch quick release vise on the short end of the workbench. The plan is to use it in a manner similar to a wagon vise for clamping objects flat to the workbench top. But, due to interference from the leg of the workbench, the vise would need to be mounted...