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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Does anyone have any plans, I’m willing to pay, for a assembly table/workbench that would incorporate my mobile base Ridgid 4512? I’m looking for ideas on how to optimize my limited shop space. I have seen plenty of designs for worksite/table top saws but none for the saw I have. It would be...
  2. Power Tools & Machinery
    Hi. I picked up a Ridgid R4512 table saw for a steal, and I'm looking at making a few upgrades. I searched the archive, but was hoping for some more current feedback from anyone who has been using this saw. Aftermarket Fence - I'm thinking about upgrading the fence to something that is easier...
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    I added wings to my saw a few months ago that allow me to rip 44" to the right and about 26"ish to the left. It gets used it as a desk/design table/assembly table/soldering table/glue up table so it gets pretty chewed up... I am using melamine because I like the slick white surface, it's cheap...
  4. Power Tools & Machinery
    Well I was pretty excited getting a new table saw for Christmas! I put it together and have it all set up now ready for use. I'm not exactly sure on how long it took as I had lunch and supper and a run to town during the process. Also took pictures all along the way thinking I may do sortof a...
  5. Power Tools & Machinery
    Since I am new I will start off with a hello to everyone on the forum. After quite a bit of debate I have just bought my first Ridgid product, the R4512 table saw. I got it home yesterday evening and started to assemble it today after I got home from work. Upon taking the cabinet out I was...
  6. Power Tools & Machinery
    Hey all, has anyone put a t-2 or other aftermarket fence on the t2 yet? My R4512 will be arriving today, its a replacement from TTI because of my nightmare R4511. i've got a delta T2 so just thought id ask if anyones tried replacing the fence on it yet.
1-6 of 6 Results