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  1. Rockwell Delta Drill Press spindle / chuck / quill question

    Power Tools & Machinery
    I'm restoring a floor model Rockwell drill press model 1124 which i am pretty sure its almost identical to the 15-081. This was a barnyard machine. Covered in grime and rust, and not taken care of well, at all. The table was broken and bolted to a janky weld up job, among other half-a**...
  2. Craftsman drill press quill bearing replacement?

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Hello, I inherited a craftsman floor drill press model # 113.213811 and seems to be running pretty loud and rough. There is a little wobble at the chuck but I'm not sure if it's the spindle or not. I plan on replacing the chuck, the quill bearings, the pulley bearing, and the belt with a link...
  3. Question about Quill travel

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Hey All, I am pretty new to woodworking and the tools involved in the trade. I was reading a forum post and they were talking about "Quill Travel". I did a little research via Google and didn't find anything that really told me what exactly that is. So two questions: 1) What is a Quill and...
  4. Drill Press Quill Slop

    Tool Reviews
    I'm new to this forum but am looking for some advise. I bought a used Central Machinery benchtop drill press for a Cub Scout project where I needed a press and didn't want to spend a lot. Found a 16 speed 3 pulley press with a 3/4 hp motor and built stout. Thought it would work fine, which it...