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  1. Water based lacquer over poly

    Wood Finishing
    Hello, I'm refinishing a guitar, and trying water based lacquer for the first time. I'm hoping in time the lacquer will wear through, showing the current poly finish. I've read on this site about using a dewaxed barrier coat (Bullseye Sealcoat) etc before spraying nitro. Does the same still...
  2. epoxy between the boards pop-out on my table

    General Woodworking Discussion
    i constructed the table i the winter when the house was drier and no that it spring the moisture content is higher and i am guessing that the wood is expanding and squeezing out the epoxy between the boards. i am planing on sanding it all down. my question is what do i use to fill the gaps...
  3. Help with finish

    New Member Introductions
    Working on a table built out of old barn wood. Used System Three epoxy, and had some issues. Stripped most of it, except what filled the holes. Two days later, used Arm-R-Seal oil and urethane as a topcoat. Put it on 12 hours ago, and it is still very sticky. Is it possible that it is...
  4. Oil vs Poly

    Wood Finishing
    Hi all, I am a total novice and hobbyist looking for some help. I have made a few almost straight pieces of furniture. I have used oak and/or pine depending on the piece. I stained them with oil based stain. Now... to seal/protect them... I have been using basic polyurethane varnish, usually...
  5. Weird Refinishing water stain problem

    Wood Finishing
    I'm working on an old dining/library table that was pretty beat up when i bought it. I've finished the bottom with no major issues, and I began the last area - the top surface. I sanded the entire top down to the wood, which removed all of the old finish and all old stains (light and dark). I...
  6. oil over water

    General Woodworking Discussion
    hi guys- first time posting here, i hope i'm in the right thread! so here is my problem: 3 yrs ago i applied Behr premium polyurethane, WB, to every stick of oak in my house, doors, windows, stairs, floors, literally everything. 6 months ago my brother did the same when building his house...
  7. Gen. Finishes High Perf troubles...

    Wood Finishing
    Anyone recognize these little white devils??? Before I go into too much detail about the procedure, id like to see if anyone knows off the bat without being influenced. Thanks a bunch
  8. wipe on poly

    whats the best way to apply on the lathe? how many coats are best? what kind of shine does it give?