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  1. Tree house platform (Jumping right in)

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi Folks, So I'm working on plans for a tree house and I've never built a deck or platform before. I'm looking at a 10'x10' platform which will be 4' off the ground to the top of the decking. To that end I have a few questions about best practices... If I'm digesting all my new knowledge...
  2. Cubby House – How should I make the raised platform?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, Im looking to make a raised platform for a cubby house and need advice on the best design / method to make it sturdy. I purchased a second hand cubby house which was previously sitting on the ground. Cubby base is 261CM long and 170CM wide. Base is currently sitting on four beams 4.5CM by...
  3. Total Beginner Designing a Bed

    Design & Plans
    Hi Folks, First off I've never done any woodworking before so please forgive any dumb questions or mistakes. The bed I'm sleeping on right now is a very cheap, full-size, platform style bed and I really want to have something more robust and aesthetically pleasing. I've been playing around in...
  4. Plans For California King Platform W/Storage

    Design & Plans
    Looking for plans to build a California King Platform Bed with storage underneath, 6 drawers maybe. Any help would be great.