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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    Does anyone have any plans, I’m willing to pay, for a assembly table/workbench that would incorporate my mobile base Ridgid 4512? I’m looking for ideas on how to optimize my limited shop space. I have seen plenty of designs for worksite/table top saws but none for the saw I have. It would be...
  2. Design & Plans
    Hey there, I currently have 4 flimsy metal framed 48x24 benches. I’m planning on building replacements for each of them, preferably out of regular construction lumber. I’d like to do a range of joinery techniques across them Since I’m still a noob on most of them. My first post was on what...
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    With more time now to spend in the shop, I am trying to improve my woodworking skills. I harbor no hope of attaining the level of long-time makers but perhaps be capable of making things that are good enough to give to my adult kids and have them not disappear. I prepare and dimension pieces...
  4. Woodworking Videos
    Don't plan on learning anything, but it is some funny stuff.
  5. Design & Plans
    Hey folks. I was hoping to get some feedback on the attached plans I created for a very large counter-height craft table. I'm new to woodworking (about 2 years messing around with projects in my spare time), and really hoping that what I've designed is structurally sound. I welcome any and all...
  6. Design & Plans
    Does anyone have the following issue from ShopNotes? ShopNotes, Issue Number 31 (January, 1997) I'm looking forthe plans for a miter saw station I saw online. Thanks!
  7. Project Showcase
    Simple project. Build Instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Pallet-End-Table/ Video of build: http://youtu.be/kVAYXVGiL_8
  8. General Woodworking Discussion
    Looking for contributors with great content to use on a new woodworking website that will be launching very soon. If you write woodworking articles or create project plans that are for the shop, home, outdoors, or anything else interesting, let me know. You will be given full credit as author...
  9. Design & Plans
    Need Help making this Turntable Cabinet!! I am attempting to build a Turntable Cabinet using hardwood plywood to hold my turntable, amp, and some records. I could use some help with the assembly order - Should I assembly the interior (shelf, back) before the exterior, or build the shell first...
  10. Design & Plans
    Good afternoon fellow wood workers. This is more of a question regarding where to find high quality well documented wood working designs and plans. Would you find it useful if you had a resource to find high quality, well documented wood working plans that covers everything from bookshelves to...
  11. Design & Plans
    Hi everyone, I just finished up the plans for my marble machine that contains nearly 400 parts. Have a look at "Kinestrata" on http://www.derekhugger.com Best, Derek
  12. Design & Plans
    Hey guys, I tried to assemble a list of free and pay project plans over at my blog site. I've used several of these sites to get some ideas. Hope this helps... Cheers... .
  13. Design & Plans
    Recently I was reminiscing of when I was a young child. I used to spend most of my time with my grandpa. We would spend hours in is workshop and I would be his right hand man, helping him with everything to fixing anything you could think of to making furniture. I used to have such a great time...
  14. Design & Plans
    does anyone have any plans for making a wooden butter churn? My wife would like to try making homemade butter and I would like to try making the churn. Thanks
  15. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hey folks, My niece's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and she's big into barbie dolls. I was thinking of putting together a little barbie doll bed. This is a little different than other subjects I've used (lots smaller). Anyone have any sketches, plans, or similar drawings they'd...
  16. Project Showcase
    I have plans for a chuckbox from some troop in the boy scouts. There are very good. Here is the link: http://www.troop4067.com/Library/ScoutCraftsAndActivities/KitchenBox.pdf A chuckbox is a camping box where all things related to camping can be stored inside of it and different parts flip...
  17. Design & Plans
    I am looking for plans for a nice sturdy bar stool with a back. Any ideas where I might be able to find some good plans? Thanks for all your help in advance!!!!!!
  18. Design & Plans
    Hey guys, I'm currently producing a music video where the main focus of the video is a singer songwriter singing his song in a magicians box after the female assistant helps him in and closes it. I've thought of a few ways to build it (approximately) by having some sort of wooden frame and...
  19. Design & Plans
    Hello everyone, I am looking for some help in locating plans for a horseshoe shaped kitchen booth. Any help would be much appreciated.
  20. Design & Plans
    I am trying to build an Oak lean-to conservatory about 20 x 10 but cannot find any plans. Has anyone any idea about a source for such plans please...Paddy
1-20 of 20 Results