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  1. I inherited my Great Grandfather's complete kit including his carpenters bench!

    Hand Tools
    I thought it might be good to share with like minded people so I have started a playlist that I add to weekly. Have a look if you are interested. :yes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlD-EUdC4079FW5C6xYmeOW_5vYoPgsje
  2. Low angle block plane LV vs LN?

    Hand Tools
    Hi all, I don't use plane much, but have been wanting a low angle block plane for quite a while. Will get used for finish work, in the present case to clean up .005 x 1/4" of end grain Baltic birch. I typically make the rabbet width just a bit wider than sand or use chisels to clean up flush...
  3. Best way to store hand planes?

    Hand Tools
    I yanked my planes out of the tool cabinet last night. And to my horror there was rust on them. Even my lovely Veritas jack plane which is stored in a Veritas "plane sock." And I had waxed the sides and soles of both planes. I even tossed some little bags of silica gel into the plane sock...
  4. Hello from SW Ohio

    New Member Introductions
    Sorry I neglected to do this before I started posting. I am a retired network engineer and TCP/IP protocols instructor. Both my Dad and Grandfather were woodworkers. I am a woodworking newbie and would like to do most of my woodworking with hand tools. This is driven by ## factors: 1. My shop...
  5. basic ? for basic planes

    Hand Tools
    Hello all, OK I promise I have read material on planes(some reason I dont get it, and also used the search on this site(will admit I only went back 5 pages) after reading the other threads, I realized that planes are addicting(so I'm not alone). Have prchased a stanley # 4 and a stanley...