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  1. Hand Tools
    Which type of plane is better for rabbets and dadoes, a router plane or a plow (plough) plane?
  2. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi all, I very recently started to work with wood and power tools because I'm trying to make a automatic cat specific (RFID based) feeder box. For the first step I'm making a box with a cat door. To make the entrance, I started with a piece of plywood and using a jigsaw I cut a rectangle out...
  3. Design & Plans
    HEllo my name is Azur Jahić. I am form Bosnia and Herzegovina iam intersted in woodworking and blacksmithing. I buy a hand plane but i find a trouble to work with it i cant clamp it . And shave all lumber. HOw to make bench wich can hold a lumber and then you can shave all of wood. I one more...
  4. Wood Finishing
    Anyone have ways of finishing/planing barnwood that saves on dulling set of planer knives?
  5. Hand Tools
    I yanked my planes out of the tool cabinet last night. And to my horror there was rust on them. Even my lovely Veritas jack plane which is stored in a Veritas "plane sock." And I had waxed the sides and soles of both planes. I even tossed some little bags of silica gel into the plane sock...
  6. Project Showcase
    Here is a A13 infill plane I finished the end of last year and have used it to make quite a few shavings since. Dovetailed sides with Cherry infill. I am a machinist by trade but woodworking is my hoby. They go hand in hand for something like this.
  7. Hand Tools
    Greeting All, I just put up a page on my web site for a shooing board design I decided to try. It has some modifications I have not seen before. http://www.woodenclockparts.com It is really to big a page to post here. I would be interested in hearing your comments. Regards Joe
  8. Hand Tools
    Hi, I'm new to the forum. I've been doing woodblock printmaking for about 5-6 yrs using both shina plywood (cheap but functional from Japan and is ready to print from) and locally-sourced, milled plank cherry (better for detail and color blocks). I'd like to use more of the cherry as it works...
  9. General Woodworking Discussion
    I am working off a set of plans that calls for a 2”x2” that is 38” long and is 1-1/2” thick on one end and tapers down to nothing on the other end. I have to make 2 of these that are exactly the same but due to my basic level of carpentry skills I am unsure how to go about this safely. Please...
  10. Hand Tools
    Any sage advice tempered with a sense of budgeting ($100-$200) for newbies seeking to develop a new form of self-expression but who are unsure if woodworking is the right fit for them? Initial projects slated are small scale: shelves, stepstool, small workbench, boxes, small furniture, etc...
21-31 of 31 Results