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  1. How to make this modular sofa

    Design & Plans
    Hi Could someone please explain how this modular sectional sofa was made? It looks pretty easy to make the frame but not sure. My thoughts are: Seat is a plywood box with webbing on the top of the box with alot of foam padding Backrest and armrest is a narrower and higher box with alot of...
  2. Dual Ballista plan in need of help.

    Design & Plans
    Hello, I am somewhat new to woodworking, but I have experienced wood workers in extended family. We think it would be cool to build a roman scorpion ballista that is, for lack of better terms, double barreled. It could be two scorpion ballistas attached together, as long as it van fire two bolts...
  3. Tools on the wall or in Tool boxes or drawers

    General Woodworking Discussion
    So I have gone through hours of looking closely at the "Show us your shop" pages. Thank you to everyone that posted. Tons of great ideas. My 24x24 shop is a mess filled to the brim, with 20ft basscat and stacks of tools, junk, fishing gear etc. I am a true DIY'er, planning for wood working...
  4. Magazine rack for a barbershop

    Design & Plans
    My wife wants a magazine rack for her barbershop. It needs to be free standing since there is no wall space available, but it needs to allow viewing of at last some of the magazine covers. I have searched for a good design, but I am drawing a blank. Has anybody seen a design for something...
  5. Best DIY Router Lift?

    Power Tools & Machinery
    I am in need of a router lift, but cannot afford (at this time) a commercial model. That puts me into the DIY Router Lift arena. I have found a few woodworkers selling plans online (see below) and am looking to decide on one of them this week. Does anyone have any first hand experience with...
  6. hanging faux wooden beams on drywall ceiling

    Design & Plans
    i just got presented with a project that calls for the installation of reclaimed pine beams on a drywall ceiling. i am certain that the ceiling joists run parallel to the direction of the beams, so i can't necessarily guarantee the correct spacing if i am to anchor to them. since i can't very...