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  1. Pen Tracking Form to Share

    I have been making pens lately. I use paper forms to track them as I make them. I thought others might like to see my forms as well. In case you want to make your own pen tracking forms, my forms look like this: PEN MAKING RECORD Kit Type: Drill Size: Wood Type: Insert Glue: Finish: Notes: My...
  2. Drilling Big Ben Cigar Pens

    Fairly new to the wonderful world of pen making and really, heavy powertool machinery as well. I've read that these Big Ben cigar pen tubes are 10mm and even on the site I ordered from (penn state) it says I need a 10mm drill bit. I purchased one from a local shop supply, but after drilling the...
  3. Glue Foil Tape for Pen Issue

    So for my third pen (I’m new to turning), I wanted to attempt the celtic knot. I used a light colored wood for the blank (cypress), and walnut for the knot - outlined in aluminum foil. I glued alum foil on both sides of the walnut using CA glue, the Gorilla Glue brand. I did the same when gluing...
  4. Todays 'Red Chrome' Slimline

    Hi guys... First Slimline I've finished in what I like to refer to as 'Red Chrome' body is my own acrylic. Comments as always much appreciated...
  5. First Ever Wood Turning Project -- Pen

    The is the first thing I've ever turned. It's a variation of a slimline made from Tiger Wood. I used 2 coat's of Huts crystal friction coat as the finnish. Let me know what you think... I made a ton of mistakes (i'm guessing this is pretty standard for a first timer), but all in all...