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  1. Any experience with this website?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hey guys, i've used this site a lot for DIY's and random little questions but haven't ever posted. I'm looking at buy a Striebig Vertical Panel Saw. I found one for a nice price through a website I found on google called MachineryMax Just wondering if anyone has any experience purchasing...
  2. Lightweight Composite Material for Traveling Trade Show Booth?

    Design & Plans
    My company presents our products at trade shows across North America. We travel from city to city with all of our booth materials in tow on a trailer. Our problem is that our booth is made out of solid wood and is extremely heavy and difficult to handle. We have tried using paper (cardboard)...
  3. Back cutting for raised panel shutters

    I'm looking to start working to build raised panel shutters for my home. In looking at router bits, it looks like the biggest option is to back cut, or not to back cut. Other than the aesthetic issue, are there any other issues that I need to consider when buying a router bit. Should I be...