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  1. General Woodworking Discussion
    I had some lumber cut and milled from the family farm for a crib and dresser the problem is the lumber is ranging from 5 to 13 percent moisture and I'm obviously on a time crunch can I build with red oak that has that much moisture or will it destroy my projects
  2. Oak Mantle

  3. IMG_8529.jpg

    oak sofa table
  4. IMG_8721.jpg

    Oak desk after assembly and prior to staining and adding hardware.
  5. IMG_1107.jpg

    I made a desk out of oak that was the same sort of design I made from up-cycled oak cabinets that I had painted white.
  6. Oak chest of drawers

    made this for the daughter when she was growing up. tv on right behind bi-fold doors.. Drawers on right was used for video playstation.etc
  7. Design & Plans
    Hello! I’m hanging a large floating shelf over my TV using threaded rod for my brackets. I ordered some 1/2” diameter rod the other day assuming that I’d be working with 1” thick material but the best I could find at the hardware store was an edge glued oak panel only 3/4” thick. (I don’t have...
  8. Joinery
    Hi folks just pricing up a large job, and have 44 1200x1200 double sliding sash windows to fit, and weight up. Oak door frames, ledge braced doors, two pewter tee hinges, hasp and staples, plus oak architraves either side. Oak skirting too. After people’s opinions on fitting costs per item I...
  9. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi I am nearing completion of my first project, a coffee table made from oak. It is basically a box frame with the table top independent of the legs, it will sit on top of the frame (tbc how to attach them). When the top was being glued up it bowed, I suspect this was because my edges were not...
  10. General Woodworking Discussion
    Ok, so I'm a beginner woodworker. I only have a saw, a crayon and some rasps in my arsenal. I've been wanting to buy some beech or oak planks (100x20x2 cm) but they're all made from glued pieces of thinner wood. Do I face any risk of separation between the pieces, or is everything fine? Here's a...
  11. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi all, I am planning on assembling a towel rack out of 1-1/4" by 1-1/4" Tasmanian oak. I'd like to use pocket screws but I'm a bit confused. This link says to use 2" screws. This link says that Kreg don't make 2" fine screws for hardwood, but it only offers a solution for wood thicker than...
  12. Project Showcase
    So i thought it was a crime for me to not have a wooden mallet in my shop! With the help of an experienced turner, i was able to make my first mallet from this nice piece of white oak! Check out the build video, here...
  13. Project Showcase
    Late in 2017 we had a hurricane here, in South Mississippi. While we were blessed to not have significant damage from the storm, it did down some trees. I saw this stump in a neighbors yard and it looked so cool that i couldn't just leave it there to be hauled off for trash, or end up in a burn...
  14. Wood Finishing
    Hi all, I'm refinishing a 100 year-old oak decorative mantle, and I could use the advice of those more experienced than I. I was told that the mantle is made of quartersawn oak, but I'm not sure about that. The mantle likely was original to our 1917 house. I'm planning to refinish the...
  15. Project Showcase
    Hello everyone! First post on this forum. I think this is a good way to start. Just wanted to show off this simple yet effective method. We hope you guys like it. The good thing about this technique is that it preserves the natural colour of wood so it doesn't look plastic and cheap. What...
  16. General Woodworking Discussion
    Who can ID what types of hardwood I've got? I've tried to reference photos but want to be sure. THX!
  17. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi Everybody! We commissioned a custom island (well, more of a peninsula) for our kitchen. I'm happy with the results save a couple design decisions. All the drawer fronts were made of solid wood. However, the door was made of plywood, with a strip of solid wood at the top. After staining, the...
  18. Wood Finishing
    Hi I'm very new to wood working and any help is appreciated. I recently purchased an oak table that doubles as a poker table when the top is flipped over. I started sanding the bottom side of the table and I think it turned out pretty good. Can anyone take a look at the pictures and tell me if...
  19. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello everyone! I was hoping one of y'all could help me with what is probably a simple problem. I started woodworking two years ago, self taught in my free time, just learning, acquiring tools and figuring out as I go. Most of what I have made is out of cheaper softwood, pine usually, mainly...
  20. Project Showcase
    Fed up with untidy bottles of loo cleaner etc and the odd toilet roll laying around in our downstairs toilet, I decided to build a corner cupboard to house it all. Simple MDF back and shelves, with a nice oak face frame and door to give it a bit of class and to give me something to make ! The...
1-20 of 58 Results