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  1. Woodworking Must-Haves?

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Hi Everyone! I'm entirely new to woodworking and I really want to do this as a hobby for a while. Making tables, stools, etc. I have a miter saw, circular saw, orbital sander, jigsaw, drills and a few other misc. tools. There are still a ton of tools that I want to buy but as my pockets get...
  2. Hi! Totally new to woodworking.

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone! My name is Zac from TX and looking to become more experienced with a wide variety of woodworking skills. so far I've Made my own workbench and a pretty decent little cooler/ Table combo. cant wait to get to know everyone!
  3. Hey Folks!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi there everyone, I'm a fairly novice woodworker with a few projects under my belt. Spent a lot of my teenage years in my father's carpentry shop. He regularly uses power tools, but was educated to use traditional hand tools as well. I am an accountant by day, husband to an amazing wife...
  4. Advice on buying a mini to mid size lathe

    Hi, I am new to wood turning and am trying to buy a small entry level lathe. My price range is $500-$1000. I am trying to limit the size because I don't have a large space in my garage for it. I want to have a portable one to put on a table when I using it. Any suggestions is much appreciated...
  5. Novice from the UK

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, names Benji and I'm from England, 21 years old, and made an account today so I could get some advice on my first woodworking project (you can see it in the project showcase forum). I'm about as clueless as you could really get at the mo, but always loved the idea of creating things from...
  6. Woodworm advice -- please help a novice!

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi everyone. I'm hoping someone can help me. We live in France and have recently bought a house with a lot of wooden beams. We have just finished renovating the kitchen and bought a handmade pantry cupboard from an artisan. After awhile we discovered that the underside of the shelves were...
  7. A Gaming Board

    Design & Plans
    I was hoping for some help. I play a board game with my friends that requires a lot of tiny pieces to be collected, organized and then spent to accomplish tasks. I would like to make a lap-sized piece of wood to help organize the game pieces. It would need eight curcular indentions, like...
  8. Spindle sander vs drum bit on drill press

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Hi, Althought I apprenticed in an old fashioned cabnet makers shop 35 years ago, I consider myself a novice at fine woodworking. I am making a few simple cutting boards for the holidays and have a question about sanding. I do not have a spindle sander (yet) and after cutting my boards with a...
  9. Need advice on my corner desk plans

    Design & Plans
    I've been looking at desks for a while but have yet to find one that meets my requirements. They were also all very expensive so I decided to go the route of building my own. Now I've never built anything this big before but I have used a few woodworking tools. But I have no idea how good my...