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  1. Woodturning
    I'm just wondering: concerning the Nova Live Center System cup center for boring through a hollow tailstock: once you have the cup center point situated on the work-piece, how exactly does the cup then get re-aligned on center to begin boring, once you punch out the point? There must be...
  2. Woodturning
    I've been having trouble turning my tail stock hand wheel. I've greased and oiled it up real well, used a wire brush bit to clean it out, but it is hard to turn the quill through the first half of it. What I think happened to it -- the alignment plates underneath may have come loose due to...
  3. Woodturning
    So I need your help with something since I am so back and forth... I have never turned but it’s something I have been dreaming about for over a year. I know I’m going to keep at it and work at perfecting this craft. I even have a ton of pen blanks, pepper mill blanks, and cut chunks off a flame...
1-3 of 3 Results