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  1. Glue up table top question

    I recently glued up a walnut, 3/4" thick table top roughly 5' x 32". I used Titebond III and biscuits to join the boards together. I finished it with ArmRSeal on all sides and everything turned out great. I have a metal pedestal base that I will be mounting the table top onto. The metal base...
  2. Reducing wood movement with polyurethane?

    Wood Finishing
    I'm making some tables out of regular 2x's of Doug Fir. I am very aware of wood movement and having the proper joints to allow for the wood to move etc. What I'm wondering is, if I were to polyurethane all faces of the table top (top, bottom, sides, ends) will that reduce or eliminate any...
  3. should I avoid buying a used Ridgid table saw kept in 'damp' garage?

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Hi All, One of my neighbors is selling a Ridgid TS2424. He is a contractor. It sounds like he takes care of his tools, and he says this TS has never left his detached garage where it shares space with his truck when not in use. THis being the northeast, one can count on it being damp a fair...
  4. Keeping a wooden tub surround safe from water

    Wood Finishing
    Howdy - first post, so be gentle; We're remodeling, and in the master bath have a circular soaking tub (40" diameter, about 40" deep) that we're undermounting in a raised platform. The top of the platform is rectangular, and I want to do a wooden surface for it, versus more standard countertop...
  5. Moisture content of baseboards

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    I am a DIYer fixing up a home we are plan on living at for 20 years or more. I am putting in new baseboard through out the house. I do not want to use stock molding and have decided to make my own by routing some simple, clean angles. I am pretty skilled with a saw and my angles are good...