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  1. Joining unique legs to unique coffee table - no skirt

    First timer here on my first project making anything with wood. I will try to keep this short, but any comments and help is greatly appreciated! I wanted to make a unique looking coffee table, one that looks similar to those "reclaimed wood" pieces you see. I went to a store and spoke with...
  2. Deck Table

    Design & Plans
    I need some advice I am going to attempt to build a wooden deck table. I want a real sturdy table (weight is not an issue). I am thinking of a plywood top with a rustic looking border, with some kind of tile inlay for the surface, haven't figured out the exact design yet. I have seen pictures of...
  3. dining room table

    Design & Plans
    I am new to woodworking and have done a few big projects. My next is a dining room table for a new home. It will be 70×40 inches and made of 1×8 or 1×6 panels of redwood (maybe) because i like the way it stains with a dark coat. I have no clue what i want to do for a base/ legs or what will even...
  4. Transforming Tables

    Design & Plans
    Hi, So I'm new to this, started building some transforming tables and really have hit a brick wall. First I'll describe the tables. 4 tables consisting of a 12"square center with 4 triangular leafs, making it a 17"square when all are opened. When the 4 are combined, a 34" square dining...
  5. Table joint removable leg

    Gents I'm new to this forum and rediscovering woodwork. Building a kitchen table with a rough finish. The table is relatively large, 2.2m by 0.9m, it then will have two end extensions each 0.5m which I'm planning of simply slotting in each end. My main concern is achieving adequate rigidity...
  6. Bed Tray - folding legs

    Design & Plans
    Hi Everyone - I'm currently designing a book holder / bed tray for my wife who has a bad back. I want the legs to fold up into the bottom of the tray so it can be used as book stand on a table as well. I would like the pivot not to be visible from the outside and was thinking maybe dowels. but...