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  1. Hand Tools
    Here is the latest project out of the Southern Custom Engraving shop. I hope some hand tool guys appreciate it. This is a Ron Brese in stainless steel. My client really let me run with this one. The Badger and Isotria were at his request. It was a bear to cut in the tough steel but worth every...
  2. Hand Tools
    Here's the latest out of the Southern Custom Engraving shop. A client sent me this Woodworkers Edge hammer and it made a great canvas!
  3. Hand Tools
    Wayne sent me this plane a couple of months back to be hand engraved and it's finally finished. Thought you hand tool fans might like to see the finished project. I'm now engraving full time and taking commissions. You can find me at www.cajunhandplanes.com Hope y'all like the work! Layne Zuelke...
1-3 of 3 Results