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  1. Wood Carving
    I am in the market for a Morakniv knife for whittling and I was wondering if anyone has ever had any issues with a guard like this on a knife? Does it ever get in the way when whittling? Or is it worth the couple extra dollars?
  2. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hey everybody, I'm interested in starting a new business selling moldings but I can't afford the cost of acquiring a good variety of new knives. I was wondering if anybody owns any woodmaster knives that they no longer use, or have duplicates of, that they'd be interested in selling. I know this...
  3. Wood Finishing
    I just purchased a Dewalt 735. I knew before I purchased it that one problem it had was life of the knives. I did not think it was as bad as I am experiencing. Dulling within just a few boards? Maybe I am doing something wrong with the planer, or maybe not. Planing barnwood, and I know this also...
  4. Design & Plans
    So far, all of the sharpening systems for jointer/planer knives are...(bad word). Now I have a system and working prototype which sharpens regular knives and the TERSA knives. They can be sharpened up to 5 times in minutes. It does it better and faster then any special sharpening service...
1-4 of 4 Results