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  1. Cubby House – How should I make the raised platform?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, Im looking to make a raised platform for a cubby house and need advice on the best design / method to make it sturdy. I purchased a second hand cubby house which was previously sitting on the ground. Cubby base is 261CM long and 170CM wide. Base is currently sitting on four beams 4.5CM by...
  2. Step Stool Project

    Project Showcase
    My daughter is 18 months old and itching to get up higher to be able to see things in the kitchen and look in the mirror in the bathroom, so it seemed like it was time to make her a step stool. This was my first time using dowels in the joinery, and I'm hooked. The way that you can dry fit...
  3. Driftwood Finish for Kids

    Wood Finishing
    Hi, we're trying to add a few big pieces of driftwood to our natural playground but we don't know how we should finish them. We do not want to sand them, they have to be safe for young children, we do not want them to splinter, and they have to be safe outside in the weather. Any suggestions...
  4. Newbie needs advice on paint for toys!

    Wood Finishing
    Hey guys! I'm just getting into a bit of woodworking, and I'm having a terrible time finding any precise info on paint. I'm hoping by asking more experienced people directly, I might get a real answer. I'm making toys, and I have NO idea what paint to use. I want something that is (obviously)...