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  1. Type of joint you would use

    I've been tasked to build a twin bed. the headboard and footboard look similar to the attached drawing, so its a very simple design, the question I have is I've been using pocket join up to now, but I would like to start messing around with mortise and tenon or dowels. Which join would you use...
  2. How can I join this? - Bike Coursework/project

    Hello everyone, I am currently making a children's balance/walk bike for my final project. It is made from wood and steel. The front frame is made from five 12mm CNC routed plywood parts which have been glued together and sanded to shape. It is then connected to two solid wood cylinders at the...
  3. How to join large cedar beams

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I want to make outdoor sofas & chairs for use by my pool, using the design shown here http://www.homemade-modern.com/ep70-outdoor-sofa/ The design uses recessed lagbolts to join the 4"x8"s being used for the arms. Do you think a waterproof wood glue like Tribond III would be a good way to...
  4. Bird's Mouth Hollow Spar Planter from Pallets

    Project Showcase
    Simple project made from pallet wood. Build Instructions: http://www.instructables.com/id/Birds-Mouth-Hollow-Spar-Planter-Made-From-Pallets/
  5. Need Help Repairing Broken Chair Leg

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, new poster and beginner woodworker looking for advice! I have a wood library/court chair where the back legs have snapped inside in the joint. From what I've read online I believe it the tenon has snapped inside the joint?? I've attached pictures of the snapped tenon stuck inside the...
  6. Reclaimed Wood Wall Joinery

    Hey guys, Hey guys, I am planning on putting up a reclaimed wood accent wall similar to the photos below: I have all of the lumber, but I am curious about opinions on jointing the pieces. I was thinking about using tongue/groove for the edges and possibly using biscuit joints for the...
  7. How to make Large Finger Joints

    Need advice on how to make large finger joints in the end of a 3"x6". I am trying to make a Nyquist Tail Vise and I am having problems trying to figure out how to accurately cut the joints with power tools. I have a table saw but the dado set is only 8" and will not cut three inches deep. Any...
  8. Joining unique legs to unique coffee table - no skirt

    First timer here on my first project making anything with wood. I will try to keep this short, but any comments and help is greatly appreciated! I wanted to make a unique looking coffee table, one that looks similar to those "reclaimed wood" pieces you see. I went to a store and spoke with...
  9. How to complete brace joint

    All, I am working on plans for a home office desk. The idea is to make it as light and airy as possible. Also, I want to make it in such a way that it can be taken apart and reassemble. I think I have most of the other joints figured out. I am going to use decorative screws where visible...
  10. Transforming Tables

    Design & Plans
    Hi, So I'm new to this, started building some transforming tables and really have hit a brick wall. First I'll describe the tables. 4 tables consisting of a 12"square center with 4 triangular leafs, making it a 17"square when all are opened. When the 4 are combined, a 34" square dining...
  11. squeeze out on glue up

    I'm soon to begin my table top glue up and had a few concerns. Table top is of cypress and approx 8' wide x 44" deep x 1" thick. How many clamps and what type to use? I have 4 pipe clamps currently (48"). Also, to ensure boards remain flat to each other, I thought about using c-clamps with...
  12. Table joint removable leg

    Gents I'm new to this forum and rediscovering woodwork. Building a kitchen table with a rough finish. The table is relatively large, 2.2m by 0.9m, it then will have two end extensions each 0.5m which I'm planning of simply slotting in each end. My main concern is achieving adequate rigidity...
  13. Gluing & Joints: How sloppy can a joint be before it is un-usable

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi, I am striving to cut joints that fit snugly, but I have yet to perfect this skill (attaining it more my chance than skill so far). I have glued up a few joints that are perhaps too sloppy, figuring that the excess glue will fill the cavity and so produce a reasonable join. My question: on...
  14. oversized face frame or trim

    Trim Carpentry & Built-Ins
    I'm brand new to woodworking but have started to build cabinets/closet in a knee-wall. It's almost 24' long and so far I have 2 questions I can't find the answer to: 1. Should I make a pre-assembled face frame or treat the front of it like trim, and nail each piece to the wall as I go? If face...
  15. Framing Plywood

    I am a novice with big ideas. Recently my nephew has come to live with me and in an attempt to interest him in woodworking I have suggested that we build a desk for his room. I plan to use plywood for the main field and frame with a 1 1/2-2" mitered border. I intend to use tongue and groove...