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  1. Hand Tools
    TLDR: I've rounded my plane iron and I can't get it sharp, yes I have sharped the bevel and the back Whole thing: So I got my first hand plane. Its a Sargent 409c. I got it all cleaned, tuned up (as good as I can for my first time around), and flattened. The the plane came with an iron that...
  2. Design & Plans
    I want to build a computer desk. After about 231,562 hours of Google image searching and Youtube video watching, I have decided I would like to make the frame from 3/4 black iron pipe and for the top I will buy a 5/4" edge-glued pine panel and cut it to size. I have attached my best attempt at a...
  3. Design & Plans
    So this is really more of a 'help me!' thing than any thing else. My dad has some really old silver thats handcrafted, but he keeps it in a cardboard box! Insanity... so i wanted to make him an old looking treasure chest. One of the ones that has the dome top, adorned with iron handles and...
1-3 of 3 Results