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  1. Help - Identify Specific Type Of Threaded Insert (the jargon name)

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I'm trying to identify this specific kind of threaded (see picture) 1) knife threads. Not serrated threads like your typical EZ Lock style threaded insert 2) *cylindrical* shank/body (NOT the tapered variety, like your typical serrated EZ lock style threaded insert) 3) hex drive 4) ideally...
  2. Table Saw Dado Head or Zero-clearance Inserts

    Power Tools & Machinery
    I bought a used Craftsman table saw and I am looking for an insert for using a dado head and a zero-clearance insert. I went to Sears online and they show one that looks close but says it is for a Jet brand saw. Any suggestions where I can find the inserts or who made the saw?