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  1. Scrap wood project

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Don't waste your scrap wood from your projects before. You can make everything with it use your imagination. On this project I make corner clamp jig from scrapwood. Very easy to make and the result looks precision, with cheapest budget this is really help me for working and I am very pleased...
  2. Joining Advice

    People, I am trying to find a way to glue these two pieces of wood together to make a small table. But as you can see the bottom log is holed from its top (it used to be for small candles). I am not experienced in wood working and I am hoping not to cut big parts of the log (if possible)...
  3. need ideas for souvenir utilizing copper etching

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hey there folks! OK so... i have around 30 copper rectangles approximately 1/10 inch thick, 4.6 inches wides, and 10.7 inches tall. they resemble this but they are a little faded, a bit oxidized, and have a picture and logo of a hotel engraved on them. I need to sell them. they are worth about...