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  1. Craftsman Hybrid Cabinet Saw for sale - $650 OBO

    I need to sell my Craftsman table saw due to my brother restoring a 1949 Delta Unisaw for me! I am in Raleigh, NC (27613). I am asking $650 but am negotiable on the price. Thanks! Mike
  2. Grizzly Dilemma

    Power Tools & Machinery
    Okay, maybe not so Grizzly situation but nonetheless I would welcome your opinions and advice. A little while back I was looking to upgrade from a DeWalt 744 to a cabinet saw. I recently bought a Grizzly 1023ZX (5 hp 220 volt single phase, right tilt) that is in great shape (no rust at all...
  3. I slayed that Skil Zero Clearance Insert Dragon.

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Just did what most said was nearly impossible. Finally figured out how to make a zero clearance insert for a Skil 3400. It's more of a hybrid insert. In is married to the 1/32 piece of garbage it came with, and completes the missing portion to span the inch wide gap. I used 1/2 inch maple 1 1/2"...
  4. Craftsman 22124 Hybrid table saw---worth $900?

    Power Tools & Machinery
    I'm looking at this saw for my basement woodshop. I'll build everything else around my table saw and this one seems ideal. I have some concern about the granite top. I'll be using the saw less than 15 hours per week and I won't be building fine furniture. For the money it looks pretty nice...
  5. General International 220-50 buying advice

    Power Tools & Machinery
    General International 50-220 buying advice I got the model number backwards on the main thread topic. Could a mod fix that by any chance? Should be 50-220. Thanks! --- Hi. I'm new and this is my first post - please forgive me for skipping an introductory post and diving right into a question...