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  1. Woodworking Videos
    Here is a quick tip that you can use to make the bottom inset on the decks of your cabinets adjust automatically. http://youtu.be/BL-d8EaNvCQ
  2. Woodworking Videos
    In this video I will demonstrate how to make a Photo realistic rendering of this trunk. It’s all in the lighting. Click this link to check it out. http://youtu.be/4vqw_jMZ5eM
  3. Woodworking Videos
    Hello everyone Here is a quick tip on how you can modify the pulls in the Hardware pulls library that eCabinets has available. Today I came across a situation where I need a pull for some lid supports on a secretary stile desk that I am drawing. The pull that I need is ½ inches in diameter...
  4. Woodworking Videos
    Hello everyone. Here is the second video on how to draw a raised panel trunk in ecabinets. In this video I will show you how to name the stretchers to aide in organizing the parts plus I will show you how to use the shape manager to draw the cutters for the raised panels as well as the rails and...
  5. Woodworking Videos
    Hello everyone. I am currently working on a play list that will demonstrate how you can draw a raised panel trunk in eCabinets. Today I have the first video on how to draw a raised panel trunk in ecabinets. In this video I will take you step by step in putting the stretchers that will be the...
  6. Woodworking Videos
    Hello everyone this is my first post on this forum. I would like to invite you to my YouTube channel eCabinets and tricks. I started this channel a few months ago. Today I was doing some web searching on the subject of woodworking and different forums out there. I came across this forum and saw...
  7. Woodworking Videos
    I really enjoyed making this headboard, it wasn't very difficult and was a lot of fun. Check out the video! Thanks for watching!
  8. Woodworking Videos
    Here is one that I made recently. I've seen a lot of these in stores, but usually there wall mounted. I made mine to sit on a book shelf or a desk. It was pretty easy to do and it's been fun using it. Anyhow, It's a really simple project to make. As always you can check out my site over at...
  9. General Woodworking Discussion
    An instructional video on attaching drawer handles.
  10. Woodworking Videos
    Someone asked me to do a video showing how I cut out the hole to insert a router plate into a router table, have a look. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4utHdZO3iA Thanks for watching!
  11. Woodworking Videos
    I was building some drawers for a couple vanities for my mother and I have been wanting to make another video for everyone. I figured I would post my simple, but effective, method of making drawers in my shop. It's pretty simple really and doesn't require special joinery or special tools. Have...
  12. Project Showcase
    I'm not very experienced with woodwork, but with a daughter on the way (due end of January), my father and I am currently working on her crib. I started drawing a week or two ago, and have worked on this an hour or so before work when I have time. After much penciling, I made a (rough)...
1-12 of 12 Results