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  1. Project Showcase
    A few years ago, my wife and I spotted a bunch of "aged"/"weathered" fence wood stacked along a road by the contractor(s) who were replacing the wooden fencing around a neighborhood with a formed concrete "fence." The wood was, for the most part, beautifully weathered 1" x 4" x (about) 60"...
  2. Wood Finishing
    I have just completed a king sized reclaimed wood headboard. I have basically left the "inside" boards untouched and the outside trim is treated using a vinegar aging method. My question is this. How should I proceed. I have experimented with Oil based poly (smells, takes forever to...
  3. Woodworking Videos
    I really enjoyed making this headboard, it wasn't very difficult and was a lot of fun. Check out the video! Thanks for watching!
  4. Design & Plans
    Eventually I'd like to make the entire set pictured above for myself. I'd like to start with the headboard and then move on to the frame and night tables. I have little to no experience woodworking and access to a fair amount of woodworking tools. I'd rather take my time, learn the proper...
  5. General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello Everyone, This is my first post here, but I'm really excited. I'm a web developer and haven't touched a woodworking tool to build something by myself since I was a kid(15-20 years ago). My dad recently passed away unexpectedly back in December and I inherited the wood shop. I usually...
  6. Wood Finishing
    Hi all! I have just completed a headboard for my room. It's 5 1/2' tall x 6 1/2T wide. I stained it with Minwax red mahogany , and am pleased with the results. I have used Tung Oil Finish (not pure oil) on a fireplace mantle before and really liked the finish. I would like to use it on the...
  7. Wood Finishing
    Just wanted to ask for opinions on a good durable finish for an oak headboard that I am finishing. I am using water based dye and a oil based stain to achieve the color that the wife picked. Any suggestions (ie. Lacquer, poly, etc) to finish. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge.
1-7 of 7 Results