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  1. Atkins 490 one man timber saw

    Hand Tools
    Just wanted to post this little beauty from my mother in laws that i'm in the middle of reconditioning while I wait for the Atkins raker gauge I got on ebay for $20 Anyone ever had any fun playing with these? i'm gonna be using it to mill up some 2 to 4 foot wide white and red oak for some...
  2. Buck Brothers Chisels

    Hand Tools
    I recently purchased a couple of Buck Brothers chisels in 1/4" and 1/2" after throwing down my kobalt chisels in frustration while working on a project that I didn't want to use my vintage chisels on. Normally I love Kobalt tools to the point of having a bias towards them, every other Kobalt...
  3. Wood engraving - advice needed.

    Hand Tools
    Hello, Apologies if this has been posted before. Can you offer advice. I need to engrave my wooden carved jewellery. I have an electric wood carving set, however the heads are too thick, and the speed of the carver is not fast enough to make the lettering nice. I have seen this product...
  4. antique robert kelly&sons saw

    Hand Tools
    i was given a large box of old tools and there was a very nice saw in it made by robert kelly&sons its 26" long. i decided to have a little look on the internet for robert kelly tools out of curiosity and came across a 8" dovetail saw for $171. i was wondering if the saw i found would be worth...
  5. New to Sharpening?

    Hand Tools
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/o7s1v52nslgvo1w/Sharpening%20Handtools.pdf If anyone is new to sharpening handtools and looking for an overview of the process, I've uploaded some information in the attached link to a 2-hour class I teach. It's meant to compliment what is being taught in the class and...
  6. wing and a prayer

    General Woodworking Discussion
    he guys so i have gotten myself in over my head with the mindset you wont learn to swim in the shallow end. with that said my neighbor cut down a sycamore tree and after looking at this wood for about a month i thought i could turn these large chucks of wood into something so i decided on a...