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  1. Olive Wood Markings

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hi all, I hope everyone is enjoying their extra time at home. During my extended "me" time, I started looking through a stack of olive wood I cut down two years ago, and found a cross section with some very interesting markings. I decided to give it a whirl on the lathe, and got very lucky with...
  2. Avoiding Grain Reversal in Pine

    Wood Finishing
    I thought I'd post a half-brained idea as my first thread. Pine is notorious for its tendency to blotch and also that the grain reversal occurs when staining. This is because the lighter soft-grain part of the wood tends to absorb more readily than the darker grain. I wonder then, what were...
  3. Stripping old door that was already stripped. Paint deeply ingrained. What do I do?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I am stripping an old door that was once painted and then stripped and stained. When we got it it was stained and the more open grain had paint deep inside that was never removed. I am trying to get the door stripped down so that I can gel stain it and install. I am worried that the open grain...
  4. Making the most of my maple and cherry

    Forestry & Milling
    The power co. came through this winter and cut down, one each, large maple, cherry, and birch trees. The short, wide logs are stacked neatly in the snow (as of April 7) with the bark on. What would you do to make the most of this wood for woodworking? I'd like to make some stools with 90...
  5. Vertical Grain Carcass

    Hello, My project involves a vertically grained carcass 8.5" square and 5" tall. The bottom half will be walnut. The top half may be soft maple. The top half angles inward at about 45 degrees. All joinery will be mitered with floating stubs. One entire side hinges outward, similar to a...
  6. will wood bleach destroy grain patterns?

    Wood Finishing
    G'day everyone, this is my first post here. I work as drum restorer in Sydney, Australia. I used to outsource most of my finishing work, but am now doing a lot of it myself. This week I have to stain and danish oil a drum kit. The outer ply on all drums is rock maple with a very nice grain...
  7. Pre-raise the grain but don't sand?

    Wood Finishing
    Hi all! I'm a novice working on a bookshelf made of poplar and I'm getting ready to finish it. I have been searching far and wide for the best finishing technique for this notoriously blotchy wood. At this point, I'd like to stain it (not paint it). I came across this excellent webpage where...
  8. What's the difference between grades?

    Wood Finishing
    Hi guys, I am planning to make a dresser out of Oak, for as cheap as possible (moving's epensive) but am stuck on deciding which grade is okay... The site I am using has three types of Oak; First Quality, Slight Character and Pippy Grade. What's the difference between the three? I was...
  9. two tone grain enhancement

    Wood Finishing
    Has anyone ever seen grain enhancement like this before (specifically the orange/yellow looking one)? I know the technique has to do with exploiting the different absorbencies of the wood grain but I am not sure how this is actually done. Can anyone point me in the right direction??
  10. accentuating grain and everything question.

    Wood Finishing
    hello all, first post here. I have read through the related topics on this forum already and have not found an answer yet so here is my dilemma... a few years ago I have seen a rifle at the remington gun factory with a wood stock that had crazy accentuated grain in black, like almost black and...
  11. How do I get this look? alder guitar

    General Woodworking Discussion
    This is my first post! Ive been wanting to achieve this desired look (picture below). Ive tried walnut water based stain, shoe polish, etc and they all look good dont get me wrong but not perfect. They always look stained instead of worn over time. I dont know if this look is achieved...
  12. Wood movement

    I want to make a tabletop with four red oak sections separated by a "plus sign" made of two pieces of maple. I am worried about how to join them for problems caused by expansion and contraction. The oak will have all its gran running horizontally, and one of the maple sections as well, but the...