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  1. Hand Tools
    And do you just push it by hand, or do you need to use a mallet? Thank you. alex
  2. Woodturning
    Hello. I have been doing a lot of turning lately. I wanted to make a jig for sharpening small gouges on a Tormek-style water wheel that would do what the much pricier store-bought ones will do. here is a video of what I came up with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blv6hBMRGKo
  3. Woodturning
    Trying to save money by making mini turning tools (for turning chess pieces) with HSS drill bits ground to shape.. Probably should have posted before starting! Anyway, i had a few questions about best methods and also, best sources of HSS steel. Firstly, Is all HSS steel the same? Any...
  4. Woodturning
    Hi, I'm just starting out wood-turning on a Clarke 20" wood lathe. One of the things i want to do is turn chess pieces from ebony/boxwood. Trying to decide on a set of chisels and i need some advice. There seems to be a huge price range out there and a lot of choise. I want some nice quality...
  5. Woodturning
    So I am turning 9" diameter smooth columns (5 feet long) out of laminated maple, and I have been using some really crappy gouges I bought used when I first purchased my lathe. It's time to upgrade, as I am sure these tools are pretty much junk, and even though I am getting nice smooth results in...
1-5 of 5 Results