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  1. Glueing 4"x12" beams for an 11' table

    I am making a 11' x 5' table top out of 5 beams that measure 11'x4"x12". These are HEAVY beams. they are not perfectly jointed or sanded. Much of the seams make decent contact but there are portions where there is an 1/8" gap. Is there a best glue to use for this? I will obviously clamp them...
  2. Do you know much about glues, adhesives, bonding, laminating?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Only because I'm desperate I'm going to stretch the limit of forum etiquette by possibly cross posting this here. If you know anything about joinery could you pop over the my thread in "Joinery" and hopefully provide an answer to my question in “Bonding question for Bubinga in high stress...
  3. Bonding question for Bubinga in high stress application. EPI?

    I'm trying my hand at making a rifle stock. I found a piece of 4/4 Bubinga that I want to use. It has good grain and no sap pockets, so it's a good candidate for laminating together to get the 2 1/2" I need. I've never put a lot of research into adhesives before, but this is going to be my...