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  1. Shell. Glass. Mesquite

    Project Showcase
    I'm a glass artist always looking for new ideas in display. Recently a friend gave me some mesquite and with the help of all the people on this forum I dove in and sawed, sanded, sanded, sanded and finished this display base. The glass is a transparent blue which is stunning when backlit, the...
  2. Solid wood table top with glass inlaying possible?

    General Woodworking Discussion
    Hello I am a begineer attempting my first dining room table. My plan for the top is to use 5/4 solid oak edge glued (after squaring on a router table) and using a glass inlay. I was planning on having about a 3/8 thick 8 inch wide glass piece inlayed down the middle of the table (about 3/4 of...
  3. Glass Railing

    Design & Plans
    Hi, brand new here! I'm planning on building a wood/glass railing for my house and have a couple questions: I'm planning on embedding a 3/8" thick piece of tempered glass on the top and the bottom in wood (see attached picture - single section shown). To do that, I need to cut a slot in the...
  4. What do the mass-market furniture companies use to secure glass in a wood door?

    Design & Plans
    Hello All, I have a few pieces of mass-manufactured furniture around the house and the glass is always secured with a clear silicone-looking strip in the back. What is that stuff and can I buy it somewhere? It's definitely not a caulk bead as it's clearly been pre-formed, although it could...
  5. attaching glass to wood

    General Woodworking Discussion
    I am building an "end table" which will have a round glass top (36" diameter). I would like this top to sit directly on four wood supports. What is the best way to anchor the glass top to the supports? It will be a similar situation to this table on a furniture website...