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  1. Power Tools & Machinery
    i'm looking to buy a planer and came across the general int. 30-060hc 13" helical head with the 26 carbide tipped blades. brand new for $472 usd. is this a good deal and are they a fairly decent planer to start out with? i do not need anything bigger than 13". anybody have experience with them...
  2. Power Tools & Machinery
    Trying a new years resolution of buying the tool I'd like first instead of spending more money and time buying cheap and working my way up. Will take longer to buy tools but instead of buying stuff that will get (more less) thrown out, buying stuff that can get passed on to children's children...
  3. Wood Finishing
    Anyone recognize these little white devils??? Before I go into too much detail about the procedure, id like to see if anyone knows off the bat without being influenced. Thanks a bunch
1-3 of 4 Results