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  1. Power Tools & Machinery
    I inherited a Foley Belsaw 985 thickness planer which I recently started using on a 120BF of 8/4 FAS Hard Maple and am having a problem with uneven wear in the knives. I've searched this forum and others for a similar issue but no luck finding anything. I'm looking for recommendations on what...
  2. Power Tools & Machinery
    I recently bought a Foley Belsaw 380 tool & cutter grinder, disassembled. I need a manual to reassemble it and use it. Foley Belsaw no longer has them. Any assistance in buying one or a copy of one would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Pat Owen PnD Sharpening Services La Grande, OR
  3. General Woodworking Discussion
    Recently i have purchased a Foley 357 Carbide Saw Grinder and have the instruction manual however, it is not complete, just wondering out here in the wood world what it takes to get something that is hard to come by? because i just cant find it anywhere, including the mfg! anyone has an...
  4. Power Tools & Machinery
    I just picked up some foley belsaw equipment to sharpen saw blades on the side. Does anyone know how to use the 310-16? It did not come with a manual.
1-4 of 4 Results